Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Enjoy Better Health, Cost Savings and HVAC Performance by Indulging in Regular Air Duct Cleaning

One of the most essential home maintenance activities, Air Duct Cleaning is often ignored by homeowners. These systems that are used regularly get dirty and heavily contaminated with dirt, dust, dander, and other harmful contaminants. Contaminated HVAC unit can be problematic for occupants as they contribute to poor indoor air quality. As compared to clean systems, dirty systems consume more energy resulting in higher energy bills.

A productive and energy-efficient HVAC system would ensure proper flow of air across the air ducts, which equates to improved performance. But when the air ducts become clogged, air flow is reduced. In fact, clogged coils, soiled blowers, dirty filters etc impede the flow of air while exert unnecessary pressure on the system. To ensure better efficiency of your heating and cooling system, it is recommended to get it professionally cleaned.

Proper maintenance of your HVAC unit entails cleaning of vents, blowers, registers, coils etc apart from air ducts. However, it is absolutely essential to understand that complete cleaning of the HVAC unit is a highly specialized job that is way different from routine maintenance task. Comprehensive cleaning of your HVAC unit is the key to keep your system operating at peak efficiency.

How Do You Ensure Proper Duct Cleaning?

Professional duct cleaning companies are familiar with several duct cleaning procedures and their effectiveness. Duct cleaning companies that are certified by the NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaning Association) are adept in providing a thorough system tune-up. A reputed service provider will never shy away from offering references from satisfied customers and will readily offer after service support. While some duct cleaners visually inspect (through duct access panels) the HVAC unit after duct cleaning there are many others that use in-duct cameras to do the same. This ensures the effectiveness of the services provided by them. However, make sure you instruct your service provider to refrain spraying or fogging the air ducts to get rid of residual mold or bacteria.

In a nutshell, a comprehensive cleaning of all the essential components of your heating and cooling system may help in free flow of air within the house. This would ensure clean and hygienic indoor environment that can ensure better health for the inhabitants. Apart from this, the operational efficiency of the system is augmented which ensures better performance while increasing the longevity of the system. So, if you are looking to enjoy all the aforesaid benefits, make sure you indulge in regular Air Duct Cleaning.  

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Avail the Services of Companies Offering Duct Cleaning in Portland OR to Enjoy Clean Indoor Air Quality

As a homeowner, you invest a lot of time, money and effort in several home maintenance activities. However, most of us tend to miss out on a very crucial home maintenance activity i.e. maintenance of our HVAC system. This system, which is responsible for maintaining optimum temperature within your house, is also responsible for maintaining indoor air quality of your house. This in turn is critical for the overall health and well-being of the inhabitants.

The air ducts of your HVAC system that is responsible for distributing hot or cold air all across the household gather dirt. A clogged air duct doesn’t perform efficiently and result in poor indoor air quality. This could result in serious health issues such as asthma, allergy, irritated eyes, itchy skin etc for the occupants. This calls the need for engaging the services of a professional duct cleaning company.

If you are a resident of Oregon, you can avail the services of several companies offering duct cleaning in Portland, OR. Well-trained professionals from these companies can ensure a clean environment to breathe in while ensuring smooth functioning of your system for years to come. Additionally, a clean system will consume less energy and allow your equipment to function without any hindrance that might be caused as a result of heavy build-up of dust.
So, if you too are looking for a reputed duct cleaning service provider, consider the following points in mind:
  • Experience and Qualification: Before you engage the services of a duct cleaning company, make sure it has a pool of expert and qualified technicians. Since, the HVAC system of your house is formed of complex system of ducts, it is very important that you delegate the task of duct cleaning to a professional.
  • Licensed and Certified: It is equally important to ensure that the duct cleaning you seek to hire is certified by the NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaners Association). Additionally, the technicians should be licensed by the relevant state authority. 
  • Transparency Regarding Costs: A reputable duct cleaning company would be up-front about the costs and steps involved in the duct cleaning process.
Bearing the aforesaid points in mind, you would be able to locate the right company offering Duct Cleaning in Portland OR. By availing the services of a right duct cleaning service provider, you are sure to enjoy better air quality, as well as health of inhabitants. All you need to do is ensure regular cleaning and maintenance of your HVAC system. 

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Hire Certified Professionals Offering Air Ducts Cleaning in Portland Oregon to Ensure Quality Maintenance of your HVAC System

These days’ homeowners have begun to realize the importance of regular duct cleaning; however there are many who still have questions about the entire process. For those who still have doubts regarding the proper maintenance of their HVAC unit and its air ducts, it is important to resolve their queries regarding the significance of duct cleaning, the appropriate way of doing it and to whom it should be entrusted to. So, if you are looking for air ducts cleaning in Portland, Oregano, you will be able to easily locate reputed service providers.

The Significance of Duct Cleaning

Dirt, dust, allergens, and other contaminants accumulate in the air ducts of your HVAC system. In fact, the dirt build up may be as deep as three inches. The accumulated dirt and grime trap bacteria and other harmful micro-organisms that can pose potential health hazards for your family. So, every time you turn your HVAC system on, these contaminants are circulated throughout your home. Regular cleaning of your air ducts can prevent the accumulation of pollutants while improve the air quality of your home to a great extent.

Appropriate Way of Duct Cleaning
Duct cleaning requires the usage of specialized tools and a huge vacuum cleaner for providing negative airflow. While the duct cleaning professionals use these tools to scratch and agitate away the dirt, and debris from the air ducts, the vacuum keeps them from evading into your house. Apart from this, air ducts cleaning also includes the usage of air washing furnace, vacuuming registers, air conditioner components, and if required mold inhibiting agents.

Whom should you Entrust Duct Cleaning Services to?

It is an absolute must to entrust the duct cleaning work only to a professional duct cleaning service provider. These service providers have the knowledge as well as the expertise of using specialized equipment’s to remove all sort of contaminants from your ductwork without causing any damage to it or diffusing the pollutants across your household. Genuine professionals are usually certified by National Air Duct Cleaning Association (NADCA) and follow the specific guidelines set by it.

Professionals offering Air Duct Cleaning in Portland, Oregano are usually licensed and have expert knowledge. By entrusting duct cleaning work to these professionals, you can expect quality cleaning and maintenance of your air ducts. Immediately after the process of air duct cleaning, you can experience significant improvement in the air quality of your house, which in turn would ensure better health for the inhabitants.

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Ensure Un-interrupted Fun and Enjoyment by Hiring Ducts Cleaning Service Providers from Portland OR

Our home is a place where we can sit back and relax after a tiring long day. Be it the scorching heat of the summers or the frozen waves of the winters, our home gives us solace. This calls for maintaining a comfortable and pleasant indoor environment, which indeed is essential to ensure that you spend quality time with your friends and family. The HVAC unit of your house plays a significant role in maintaining a pleasant indoor environment.  It optimizes the indoor air quality and makes it suitable for the inhabitants. However, if you wish to enjoy uninterrupted hours of comfort and fun, make sure you get your HVAC unit cleaned and maintained at regular intervals.

The HVAC unit of your home or office set-up is a complex system composed of several components such as air filters, ducts, etc. The day to day activity in any household generates contaminants and other pollutants, such as dust, dander, and other chemicals. The HVAC system draws these contaminants, which are further re-circulated several times in a day resulting in building-up of contaminants in the duct work. A dirty duct may contribute to health issues especially to people with serious respiratory health conditions, allergies, and autoimmune disorders. By ensuring regular and proper air duct cleaning, you will not just be able to prevent the occurrence of diseases but also the operational efficiency of the system.

So, if indoor air quality is what concerns you, you can browse through the internet to get access to several duct cleaning professionals who can provide necessary services as per your needs.  There are plenty of professional duct cleaning companies that offer Duct Cleaning in Portland OR, and you can avail their services if you are residing somewhere around in Portland.

With these cleaning companies at your rescue, you can rest be assured about the quality of cleaning. This substantially increases the efficiency of your heating and cooling machines resulting in lesser energy bills. However, it is absolutely important to ensure that your duct cleaning service provider has the technical proficiency and knowledge of understanding and handling the complex issues of your HVAC system.

Also, make sure, you hire the services of a licensed service provider with a good market reputation. You can read online customer reviews, or seek information from other resources to ensure that you do not land up hiring the services of a fraudulent service provider.    

Friday, 5 August 2016

Ensure Regular Air Ducts Cleaning to Improve Indoor Air Quality of Your Home

 As a homeowner, ensuring the health and hygiene of your family should be of first priority.  Although, you strive to maintain cleanliness in and around your house, you usually tend to ignore the cleanliness of one area i.e. the air ducts of your HVAC system. Air ducts accumulate dust particles and debris over a period of time and require regular cleaning. Proper air duct cleaning will remove harmful contaminants such as toxic molds, built-up dust and other harmful contaminants, all of which can cause health issues especially serious respiratory problems. To ensure proper maintenance of the air ducts, the services of a professional service provider should be hired. A professional duct-cleaning service team will inspect the entire cooling and heating system and use a reverse vacuum to pull out built-up debris and dust particles wedged in them.

Research suggests that apart from the health benefits, regular cleaning of your HVAC system may improve its efficiency, resulting in cost efficiency and longer operating life. 

 A professional service provider uses specially designed equipment to create a strong vacuum that cleans the entire duct system. So, if you have decided to get the air ducts of your HVAC system cleaned make sure your service provider provides the following things:

·         Opens each door and port to get the entire system cleaned. The technician should use a high-velocity vent cleaner to break free stubborn dust and dirt.

·         Inspects the entire system to ensure that there are no asbestos-containing materials within the system. System with deposits of asbestos containing material should be handled only by expert and trained contractors.

·         Uses high-efficiency particle air (HEPA) equipment that can easily break loose stubborn dust and dirt. These contaminants are then drawn back into HEPA filtration system.

·         Be careful to ensure protection of the duct work such as sealing or re-insulating of access hole, which the service provider may have used or made.

·         Should hold relevant state licenses and work as per set guidelines of NADCA.
·         They should also present a written agreement defining the overall cost and scope of the job to be accomplished.

There are explicit benefits to Air duct cleaning, if done periodically. Besides improving the indoor air quality of your home, it can ensure better efficiency of your HVAC system. However, cleaning of air ducts should be performed by HVAC professionals, who have the knowledge, and expertise of using various duct cleaning equipments. These professionals will ensure a complete duct cleaning while ensuring that no damage is caused to the unit.

Monday, 6 June 2016

Maintenance of your Air Ducts After Duct Cleaning

Scheduling your routine duct cleaning and contracting services to a professional air duct cleaning company can drastically enhance the quality of air inside your house. But those ducts will only stay clean if you care enough to take the proper steps for their maintenance, starting soon after air duct cleaning has been performed. Caring for your ductwork afterwards is necessary so follow the given tips for complete aftercare and consistently good indoor air quality.

·         Opt for a good quality air filter – First of all, you must make sure that you’ve got a quality filter in place if you plan to keep those contaminants out of your air ducts. Different type of air filters have differing ratings based on their effectiveness. So find a filter that’s high up on the minimum efficiency reporting value (MERV) scale for best results.

·   Regularly clean and change the filter– You should clean the filter (or change it if that is required) at least once every month to protect the ducts from any kind of dirt or debris.

·         Keep the air conditioner and the heater well-maintained – Apart from changing the air filter at regular intervals, good maintenance of the air conditioning system involves cleaning the coils from inside out, cleaning the blower part and also the condensate drain. It always helps to hire a heating and air conditioning expert to help you here.

·         Continue to get your HVAC system examined– Regular and professional inspection of the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system by an indoor air quality (IAQ) expert can help maintain your air ducts and keep them in the best state so no dust can build up. This is significant for a large industrial or commercial HVAC system, although it can also be valuable for are gular house.

Protect your ducts during construction and renovation – Planning to remodel your house or carry out extensive renovations in the near future? Make sure you keep those air ducts protected. You must cover up the ducts and vents so any dust floating around during the process can’t get inside.

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

The Significance of Air Ducts Cleaning

Air duct cleaning is among those tasks that are not so difficult to forget about. Yes, we tend to take our heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems for granted.And since vents and ducts are often overlooked, many house owners may not remember the last time they had them cleaned. But that duct cleaningsession holds great value for you and your family – it can decrease your energy costs, extend the life of your HVAC system and help you breathe in clean and safe air.

Indoor Air Quality after Air Duct Cleaning
The fact that in most locations the indoor air quality or IAQ is deteriorating should be enough to make you resort to duct cleaning. The worsening of the IAQ is partly happening due to the common use of high-efficiency doors and windows and due to higher insulation that decreases the amount of air transfer between the outside and inside.
And while these fixtures are good when it comes to lowering energy bills and making the space more comfortable, they are not supplemented by any added ventilation, whichcauses pollutants enter the house to remain indoors rather than leaking out through the gaps of the drafty windows.

In many cases of duct cleaning in Portland, you will see high success rate in removing harmful molds, microbes and fungusin an infected HVAC system. Since you don’t have access to the ducts and vents yourself, it is a wise decision to call a professional air duct cleaning company to come and check. At the very least, you will have professional consultation and the cleaning won’t do any harm. You will only end up breathing cleaner air free of dust and dirt. 

How it Works

There are two different methods that professionals adopt to clean ducts.
The first entails your system to be connected into the ductwork to create suction. An air hose is passed through the ducting with highpressureto remove all the unwanted particles from the inside. 

The other method makes use of a large specialized vacuum attached with a hose along with a brushing system. This is made to run along the ducting. As it goes, it cleans the duct. Both the systems are equally effective if operated by trained professionals.