Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Air Duct Cleaning: Breathe Healthier, WorkBetter


The Environmental Protection agency states that indoor air quality is two to five times more degraded than outdoor air quality.As per The National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health, people who spend a lot of time within the confines of their homes and offices where the air ducts have not been cleaned are 50% more vulnerable to respiratory problems. 

Unclean Office Air Hampers Health and Performance 

In modern society, people usually spend 90% of each day indoors, which makes air quality a considerable concern for us all.At work, an unclean heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system may lead you towards cold, cough and sore throat. You may even find yourself suffering from headaches, allergies and fatigue, which eventually results in low performances of employees in the offices. Not only that, heating and cooling systems contribute a large section in company’s overhead expenses. Cooling systems especially are very energy consuming, thereby increasing the electricity cost. 

There is substantial change in temperature and surroundings inside the offices through improved indoor air quality in buildings and offices. In order to improve the office environment, air duct cleaning is highly needed on regular basis. Here is a list to sum up the benefits of air duct cleaning -

Better health of employees, customers and visitors.
Improved focus of staff in their work, reduced sick leaves, hence improved productivity and increased profit.
Better distribution of air through the entire area in building.
Lower energy consumption, hence saving energy cost annually
Efficient usage and Increase in lifespan of heating and cooling system

Air Duct cleaning service providers are responsible for the cleaning of several components of your heating and cooling system, which includes the in and out air ducts and registers, heat transfers, coils, diffusers, grilles,  drain pans, fan motors and the air handling housing unit. 

With time, these components get contaminated with dust particles, debris or pollen. When moisture reacts with these components, it gives way to potential growth for microbiological particles like fungus, mold. Such growth release pores into the work place, thereby polluting the air. These pollutants may cause allergy or other respiratory issues in people living in that space. 

If you wish to work in a healthy work space and offer the same to your employees, it is time you decided to get your air duct system cleaned. It is important to ensure that the service provider cleans all parts of the system and is certified to do so. Air duct cleaning methods may vary, but industrial bodies associated with air duct cleaning have established norms and standards for the service providers. So rest assured, you will get good service and satisfactory results.

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