Wednesday, 13 April 2016

The Best Time to Get Your Air Ducts Cleaned

It is essential for all homeowners to understand the need for air duct cleaning, especially if those ducts have been at work for a while. While duct cleaning may not actually be able to prevent diseases, you know that the dirt in the air passing through the ducts gets stuck to these ducts and make it dirty. Activities like cooking, smoking, dusting release these particles. This way, pollutants are circulated around your home and further contaminate the air causing health problems. 

Here are some situations for having your air ducts cleaned and maintained.

1. There is mold growth inside the ducts of your cooling and heating system. Here is how you can detect mold in your system.
Certain sections of the system are not accessible for visual inspection.
You think that a particular substance seems like mold, but only air duct cleaning professionals can confirm whether its mold or not. For nearly $50, microbiology laboratories can determine whether the sample sent to them on a sticky household tape is actually mold.
If your air ducts are insulated but the insulation gets moldy and wet it can’t be cleaned effectively and must be removed to be replaced.
Remember that if the conditions leading to the growth of the mold are not addressed, the growth will recur.

2. The air ducts are infected with vermin like insects and rodents.

3. Your air ducts are clogged with large amounts of dust, debris or other particles released into the home through your supply registers.

If you find any of the above conditions existent in your home, it is suggested that you opt to get the ducts cleaned as these may become the underlying cause for health problems. But before the initiation of cleaning, retrofitting or duct replacement, make sure you highlight the issue to the air duct cleaning company. If not corrected, the problem is likely to recur.

As per studies, cleaning the components (like cooling coils, heat exchangers and fans) of a cooling and heating system can increase the efficiency of the system. This results in a longer operational life of the system plus the costs of energy and maintenance are reduced considerably.

Since only experts or a team of trained professionals can determine the amount of reparation needed, it makes good sense for you to consider getting regular cleaning of the air ducts as you already know that they get dirty over a period of time. Till the time the cleaning is carried out by experienced workers, the air duct cleaning project would also prove beneficial for you and your family and pets.

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