Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Have you got your Air Ducts Cleaned Yet?

Cleaning the unwanted deposits from the ducts of your Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system is what defines the process of air duct cleaning. This task is one of the most essential ones in a household, even though it is easily forgotten. Unfortunately, people take their air ducts for granted and forget about their cleaning that is meant to take place at regular intervals.

The vents and ducts are an integral part of any HVAC system and their cleaning is immensely important for the wellbeing of your family and you. The fact remains that air duct cleaning can bring you many benefits, most common of which include, reduced energy bills, extended air system’s life and a range of health benefits. But how does this cleaning process take place? Let us find out.

Process of air duct cleaning

There are several methods through which cleaning can be done. However, most commonly used method is vacuum cleaner system. One of the systems provides suction by being connected to the ducting system. An air hose pipe is inserted into the ducting system and high pressure is imposed. This helps in removing the accumulated particles from within the interior of the air system. At the other end is the large specialised vacuum, which is attached to the brushing system and hose pipe. 

This system runs through ducting or air system, so as to clean everything. Both these systems work in co-ordination to ensure smoother air duct cleaning

Proper and thorough cleaning of the system includes cleaning of all interior mechanisms and registers. The ventilation and heating system should be absolutely cleaned during the professional air duct cleaning process. 

Many a times, the experts fog the air system with the disinfectant. This is done so as to eliminate the bacteria, mold or dust mites of any kind. 

In this entire process of air duct cleaning, the average time taken is about 5 hours. However, the process largely depends upon the home size or office’s size. Factors, such as more number of HVAC systems or complex locations of these systems (like roof) can make the process tedious for the professionals, thereby requiring more time.

Air duct cleaning can give you many health-related and financial benefits. One has to ensure that the process is done on a semi-annually or annually basis or as and when required, about which the professionals can inform you.

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