Monday, 16 May 2016

How to Choose a Suitable Air Duct Cleaning Company

Now the Yellow Pages may give you a long list of air duct cleaning companies but that does not necessarily mean that all the duct cleaners are equally experienced, knowledgeable or responsible. You should get in touch with at least three different companies to get estimates in writing before finally deciding about the ducts cleaning. Here’s what you should do.

Don’t hire duct cleaners that make sweeping claims on the health benefits of their cleaning services as those would be unsubstantiated. Air duct cleaners that recommend air duct cleaning as routine practice for your heating, ventilation and cooling system are duping you to spend more money. It is not something you need every month. Be wary of companies that claim to be EPA certified as that does not establish any cleaning standards and EPA doesn’t certify or endorse air duct cleaning providers.

Never allow the use of chemical treatments or biocides unless you are explained (and you completely understand) the advantages and disadvantages of them. 

Check the references provided to you by the companies to be certain that the past customers were satisfied with the service and did not experience problems with their cooling and heating system post cleaning.

Contact local Better Business Bureau (BBB) orthe city or county office for consumer affairs to find out if any complaints were lodged against the companies in concern.

Interview the three duct cleaning companies to ensure –

1. That they hold ample experience in air duct cleaning and can work on an HVAC system like yours
2. That they will follow procedures and protocol to protect the house, homeowners, your family and also pets in the house from contamination
3. That they are compliant with NADCA's duct cleaning standards.

If the duct cleaning services are charged by the hour,request an estimate for the number of days or hours the project will take to complete. Also ask about any possible interruptions beforehand. The duct cleaning company you hire should provide a written agreement outlining the complete cost and tasks entailed before the project is begun.

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