Thursday, 26 May 2016

Why Air Duct Cleaning is Necessary

Most people assume air pollution is unhealthy whenyou breathe the air outdoors, but did you know that the air quality inside our homes can be equally bad? Air ducts cleaning helps you improve the indoor air quality or IAQ more importantly to replace your furnace filter, if required.

The people of USA spend 90% of their time sitting indoors and breathing air that has been confined inside a heating, cooling and air conditioning (HVAC) system. In many offices, and residences of course, the windows are barely opened so that fresh air can replace stale indoor air. 

Since that does not happen much, offices and homes have to keep the HVAC system maintained, and so the opt for regular duct cleaning. The procedure involves the air duct cleaning company sending their skilled professionals to remove all debris and dust from the air ducts components of the HVAC, gravity heaters, forced air systems and related parts.

Indoor Air Quality or IAQ
In today’s time, everyone spends a large portion of their lives indoors – be it at home, in the office, your doctor’s clinic, etc. Even children these days do not play many outdoor games and instead sit indoors trying to set new game records on their iPad. So why shouldn’t air quality be a major concern? Some may feel that the air ducts gather dust only gradually and that they should be cleaned only after 5 to 7 years. But, in reality the dust is getting accumulated faster than you realize. So, regular duct should cleaning is necessary. Cleaning the ducts should be like cleaning your home. It should depend on the homeowners’ lifestyle – new construction, lots of pets and small children mean you must clean the ducts more often. 

Cleaning of air ducts in houses can go a long way towardscontributing for a healthy home environment. Make sure you hire the best air duct cleaning company in your area.

The EPA suggests air ducts cleaning when dust, pests, mold or excessive debris are cluttering the system.

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