Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Enjoy Better Health, Cost Savings and HVAC Performance by Indulging in Regular Air Duct Cleaning

One of the most essential home maintenance activities, Air Duct Cleaning is often ignored by homeowners. These systems that are used regularly get dirty and heavily contaminated with dirt, dust, dander, and other harmful contaminants. Contaminated HVAC unit can be problematic for occupants as they contribute to poor indoor air quality. As compared to clean systems, dirty systems consume more energy resulting in higher energy bills.

A productive and energy-efficient HVAC system would ensure proper flow of air across the air ducts, which equates to improved performance. But when the air ducts become clogged, air flow is reduced. In fact, clogged coils, soiled blowers, dirty filters etc impede the flow of air while exert unnecessary pressure on the system. To ensure better efficiency of your heating and cooling system, it is recommended to get it professionally cleaned.

Proper maintenance of your HVAC unit entails cleaning of vents, blowers, registers, coils etc apart from air ducts. However, it is absolutely essential to understand that complete cleaning of the HVAC unit is a highly specialized job that is way different from routine maintenance task. Comprehensive cleaning of your HVAC unit is the key to keep your system operating at peak efficiency.

How Do You Ensure Proper Duct Cleaning?

Professional duct cleaning companies are familiar with several duct cleaning procedures and their effectiveness. Duct cleaning companies that are certified by the NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaning Association) are adept in providing a thorough system tune-up. A reputed service provider will never shy away from offering references from satisfied customers and will readily offer after service support. While some duct cleaners visually inspect (through duct access panels) the HVAC unit after duct cleaning there are many others that use in-duct cameras to do the same. This ensures the effectiveness of the services provided by them. However, make sure you instruct your service provider to refrain spraying or fogging the air ducts to get rid of residual mold or bacteria.

In a nutshell, a comprehensive cleaning of all the essential components of your heating and cooling system may help in free flow of air within the house. This would ensure clean and hygienic indoor environment that can ensure better health for the inhabitants. Apart from this, the operational efficiency of the system is augmented which ensures better performance while increasing the longevity of the system. So, if you are looking to enjoy all the aforesaid benefits, make sure you indulge in regular Air Duct Cleaning.